Before shooting, prior permission from the management authorities must be obtained. Terms and conditions may apply to protect and promote MV Manami’s Branding.


  1. MV Manami is a passenger river vessel and is owned and managed by Salam Shipping Lines Limited (SSLL) -which has the right to protect its privacy and security.
  2. All Cabinand Deck Passengers and their accompanying guests are allowed to take pictures and videos (accept restricted zones: Master Bridge and Engine Room) for their personal and enjoyment purposes and may share these with anyone.
  3. Any external pictures or videos are always permitted by anyone. There are no restrictions on any external aspects of the vessel.
  4. For safety and security, no unauthorised person will be allowed to enter into the ship’s restricted zones(Master bridgeand Engine Room) to take any video or photographs. May take pictures or videos from outside or safe distance, but not allowed to enter inside these restricted zones.
  5. MV Manami management does not allow ANY ‘Youtubers’. Only Genuine, experienced and passionate Youtubersor Facebook passionate groups or on-line bloggers are most welcome with management’s permission. Just feel free to ask or notify the management as a matter of formality/ courtesy. Management has the right to know who the person or the organisation is before agreeing.
  6. Our video standards consist of the following:

– Background theme/s must be professional and noise free.

– All music must have copy right or purchase for the production or royalty free.

  1. We will not be held responsible for music copyright of any individual or group Youtubers or Facebook froums.
  2. Management has the right to report to law enforcement agencies/ officials if any videos or photographs are produced and published in any public media (including digital media) for the purposes of ‘Defamation’. We will regard those video or photographic contents as ‘defamatory’ if those contents are wrongfalseor recorded/ taken and published without facts or background checks or without clarifying with the management authorities.
  3. We welcome anyone to report any complaint with proper evidence (it can be photographic) to the management so that management can take appropriate actions within its limitations.
  4. Anyone is allowed to share our ‘official’ promotional videos or photographs from MV Manami’s website, YouTube Channel or Facebook page.